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 Ban plea format

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Ban plea format Empty
PostSubject: Ban plea format   Ban plea format I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2009 4:01 pm

Username ingame:
Server Banned:
Reason you were banned: ( This can be found out in the Banned users section if you
are not aware of what reason you were banned for. )
Ban Plea : " I did not do it etc etc "
" I am sorry that i have done this, and i swear i wont do it again etc etc etc"
If promised to not do the accused thing again you only have one chance, after that your ban remains permanently, SS member or not, DONT screw up twice. The admin online will warn you a few times before a ban is issued for both cases, so please listen to the online administrators.
Sidenote: Lieing will not be tolerated, any form of lieing against our administrators will automatically keep your ban permanent. If you did what you were accused of, just say it we might even give you more then 2 chances if your a nice person. Just listen to the rules and you will do fine.
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Ban plea format
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